by Ira Levin

November 2013 at Comtra Theatre


Getting away from farces, I directed this thriller.

In 1978, Sidney Bruhl, a writer of murder mysteries, has had a string of flops on Broadway and is desperate for a good play. Sydney's wife Myra has been supporting them financially which only adds to Syney's desperation. When he receives the perfect script written by Clifford Anderson, a student in one of his seminars, Sydney contemplates murdering the young man and stealing his ideas.

Complicating matters is the fact that Helga ten Dorp, a well known Dutch psychic who helps the police solve murders, has just moved in next door. Add to this Porter Milgrim, Sydney's friend and attorney, and we have the makings of the perfect five character, one set, murder mystery.


Sydney Bruhl - Bruce E. Travers
Myra Bruhl - Brittany Barnabei
Clifford Anderson - Michael Guantonio
Helga ten Dorp - Liz Kline
Porter Milgrim - Kent Schoffstall