Imaginary Exits

by Eric J. McAnallen

May 2016 at the Avenue Theatre in Rochester


This was a real labor of love. Not only was this the premier of my own Imaginary Exits but it was also the very first production done by my fledgling theatre company, Driftwood Dramatics.

All in all, I was very pleased with how this turned out. My actors really seemed to get the characters and the audience laughed themselves ragged each night. My biggest regret was that I had to take a part since we were one figment short. This put me on the stage instead of in the audience and I love audience watching when directing a show. Yes, I broke my own rule about not acting in a play I was directing but you do what you need to do to get the show on stage.

We didn't set any attendance records but I expected that with the first production of an unknown company but we certainly did entertain.

If you wish to see the production, I've posted a video of the full show on YouTube.


Michael Guantonio - Allen Trehern

Bruce E. Travers - Alex

Danielle Jacobson - Susan/Cordelia/a Figment

Gale Hauck - Maxine Redmond/a Figment

Carl Gross - Professor Heinrich

Lisa Herter - a Figment

Eric J. McAnallen - a Figment



David Rusbarsky - Stage Manager

Aaron Zimmerman - Sound/Lights

Misa McAnallen - Costume Mistress

Rehearsal Prompter - Carl Gross