R-ACT Theatre Productions

Wait Until Dark

directed by Mike Nelson

November 2015

Role - Mike Talman

This was one of the most challenging and rewarding roles I've ever played.

Red Barn Theatre

Moon Over Buffalo

directed by Nancy Batko and Liz Klein

July 2015

Role - Richard Maynard

This is my third, and last, time on the stage for this show. This time I played the "boring" lawyer, Richard, who is looking to steal Charlotte away from George. I took the role as a favor to the directors when their original Richard dropped out part way through rehearsals.

While I love this show and I think it is hilarious, I cannot bring myself to ever do it again.

R-ACT Theatre Productions

Curious Savage

directed by Larry Spinnenwebber

June 2015

Role - Titus Savage

Yet another role I think I landed because I have the ability to be loud and intimidating. There is nothing subtle about Senator Titus Savage. His primary means of getting what he wants is to yell as loud as he can until it happens. Oh well.

This was a fun show with some very interesting characters.