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Current Projects:

We are closer to launching our own theatre production company. We've named it Driftwood Dramatics and are working to find a performance venue for April.


Starting New Theatre Company

As some of you know, I have been batting around the idea for some time now of starting my own theatre company. To be honest, it’s mostly because I’m selfish and want to do theatre my way. A lot of the theatre companies I’ve dealt with lately are unwilling or unable to do new things, try new works, support new playwrights or take risks. Yes, I’m selfish. I’m a writer who would like to see my works on the stage, but I’m also a director who would like to stage things no one else is doing and I’m an actor who would like to be cast in roles I find interesting. See, I told you I was selfish.

Misa and I had initially thought about buying or renting a place where we could have our own little theatre but we were unable to come up with a location that fit within our budget or was in a place that would attract an audience. So we got the idea to be a homeless theatre company based centrally around the Cranberry area. As such, we have named our new endeavor, Driftwood Dramatics.

We have been working for about a month now to identify possible venues for our first production and have narrowed it down to a couple.

The new Company has a website - There's not a lot there yet; it's still a work in progress.

And what will our first production be, you ask? Imaginary Exits, of course. We're looking to have it up sometime in April if things go as planned. We know you're all dying to come out and see it.

Wait Until Dark

I will be appearing in R-ACT's production of Wait Until Dark with some very talented cast-mates.

This is the story of a blind woman who is being conned by three men searching for a missing doll. I'm playing Mike Talman, one of the con-men. He's a complex character torn between the con and his fondness for the mark.

This is a thriller from beginning to end.

Performances are November 13, 14 and 15 at 7:00 PM at the Avenue Theatre in Rochester.

Check here for tickets and information.

R-ACT Holiday Radio Show

R-ACT performed a holiday radio show this past weekend at the Merrick Free Art Gallery. The show was performed before a live audience as if we were broadcasting over the air. complete with sound effects.

We performed two different shows. The first was Three Men, a tale of three soldiers on leave in France just after the Great War. And the Second was A Child Is Born, about an Innkeeper and his wife in Bethlehem.

These were performed live in front of an audience but they were meant to be listened to. Below are both shows, once complete with commercials and the second trimmed just to the stories.


Three Men (Full)

Three Men (Without Commercials)

A Child Is Born (Full)

A Child Is Born (Without Commercials)

Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four

written and directed by Eric J. McAnallen

This is the complete video of the world premiere production held at Comtra Theatre in Cranberry Township, PA. The video was made from several recordings made between May 9 and May 16th, 2014.


Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project - July 11 to 13

or My Experiences With Guerrilla Screenwriting

Over the weekend, I joined a team from Gippos Video Studio lead by Nikea and Jamaule to create a 4-7 minute movie in 48 hours. This is my story.

Come see our film. It's playing Friday July 18th. You can buy tickets here -

The Waiting Game

So we (the team of writers) were sitting around a table Friday waiting for news on our genre. It was unanimously decided that if we were to draw musical, we were screwed. The only thing we were less prepared for was sci-fi, oddly enough. But I've seen enough episodes of Star Trek to fix that.

We waited patiently. Well, maybe not so patiently; I seem to remember the group chat monstrosity thing going off constantly as we got updates from the Team Leads down at Chatham as well as posts from others, including one poster who felt the need to describe what he was eating. I think it was Tyler and I think it was something with cheese.

And then we got the news - Musical/Western.


And people were excited about it... well, at least those people who weren't going to have to write a musical were excited about it. Oh yes, we went with musical because, seriously, how does one do a western in Pennsylvania in July. The wild west was never as verdant as Pittsburgh.

Read more: 48 Hour Film Project Update
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