Leading Ladies

by Ken Ludwig

September 2012 at Comtra Theatre


This was my first solo directing endeavor and it went over swimmingly. I couldn't have asked for a better cast and crew for my first show.

This is Ken Ludwig's story of two Shakespearean actors, Leo and Jack, turned con artists in order to bilk an old woman, Florence, out of her money. Their cunning plan involves impersonating the two missing nieces, Maxine and Stephanie. When Leo falls in love with Florence's real niece, Meg, all bets are off and hilarity ensues.


Leo Clark - Bruce E. Travers
Jack Gable - Aaron Zimmerman
Meg - Ashley LeFevre
Audrey - Faith Kraynik
Duncan - Brian Cerilli
Doc - Carl Gross
Butch - Michael Woodling
Florence - Jeanne Kmetz-Donovic