Lincoln High School Senior Class Musical


Spring 1984

Role - Roger

This is the role that got me addicted to music theatre. I walked into the Senior Class Musical auditions as a freshman and was given a principal role. I have been hooked ever since.

This show also marks the first time I appeared on stage without my pants, an event that seems to happen to me frequently.

My aunt was a dancer at some point, so she taught me a dance number for my audition. In retrospect, it was an exceedingly girly dance number. Also, I sang a Frankie Valley song in falsetto for my audition which probably helped landing this role.

My favorite part was that my character was the comic relief. I played that up as much as a high school freshman could.



Lincoln High School Junior Dramatics

Get Witch Quick

Spring 1985

Role - Caleb the Groundskeeper

Character part. That's the only way to describe Caleb. His entire role in this show is to come in and say and do ridiculous things. I had fun with it. Also, there were a lot of hats.

Lincoln High School Junior Dramatics

The Crucible

Fall 1985

Role - John Proctor

This play is deep and depressing and I was exactly in the right frame of mind to play John Proctor. This will go down as the most emotional role I've ever delved into and I was a high school student.

We nearly didn't do this play since part of the cast dropped out part way through rehearsals and honestly, I'm amazed that a high school let us do something that addresses adultery so frankly.

Lincoln High School Senior Dramatics

The Creature Creeps

directed by Don Hollerman

Spring 1986

Role - Dr. Donald VonBlitzen

My first leading role was that of this Transylvanian mad-scientist just looking out for his many daughters. My best friend and I actually starred in this together.

This show taught me that being prepared and knowing your lines only goes so far. We did a lot of improv to cover dropped lines and props that refused to cooperate.

Lincoln High School Senior Musical

Bye Bye Birdie

Spring 1986

Role - Hugo

Red Barn Theatre


directed by Tom Tillia

Summer 1986

Role - John the Baptist/Judas

This was my first theatre experience outside of high school and it remains one of the highlights of my career. I wish I could still dance like I did in this show.

All For The Best

Lincoln High School Senior Dramatics

Break a Leg

Spring 1987

Role - Harry

Lincoln High School Senior Musical


Spring 1987

Role - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Red Barn Theatre

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum

directed by Tom Tillia

Summer 1987

Role - Marcus Lycus