Carnegie Mellon University

Hello Out There

Spring 1991

Role - The Young Gambler

This was another one of those plays I did as part of a directing class in college. I was not officially in the class and was there as an actor only but it's hard to attend a directing class quietly and not learn a few things about directing.

This is actually one of my favorite roles. As short as the play is, it has some very powerful characters.

My leading lady went on to appear in a Hollywood movie (Clerks) in a small role. I'm still jealous.

Carnegie Mellon University

The Glass Menagerie

Spring 1991

Role - Jim O'Conner

I learned a lot about acting and directing doing this classic Tennessee Williams character. This was performed on campus as part of a directing class and I was there just to be an actor.


Red Barn Theatre

Play On

directed by Joseph Long

Summer 1998

Role - Saul Watson

This play marks one of the funnest and funniest roles I've ever played on stage. Saul is not a stretch for me since he is the cast's sarcastic voice. By the second act, he is drunk off his rocker and trying to play the villain in a melodrama. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. This wasn't the first time I've lost my pants on stage and it certainly wasn't the last.

My most memorable scene was trying to be intimidating while slurring my words and waving a gun through the crotch in my pants.

New Castle Playhouse

Kiss Me Kate

Summer 1999

Role - Harry Trevor / Baptista

I think I got the role only because I could bellow in a loud voice while delivering Shakespeare. Sadly, this was a non-singing role so all I got to do was chew scenery between the dance numbers.

New Castle Playhouse

Moon Over Buffalo

directed by Joseph Long

Fall 1999

Role - Paul Singer

This was my first foray into the plays of Ken Ludwig, a writer I now consider to be an inspiration of my own work.

This was back when I was still young and attractive enough to play the romantic interest type. We had a great deal of fun with this play and I have fond memories of manhandling the actor who played George.

New Castle Playhouse


July 2000

Role - Edward Rutledge

1776NCP 0002This role was great fun to play. Rutledge is nothing like me and comes from the deep south. I apologize to all my southern friends as I'm sure my accent was more "Yankee who lived a year in North Carolina" and not "South Carolina Plantation Owner."

I'm still amazed we fit all those guys on the stage or for that matter, found enough guys to do a male heavy musical.

This role did offer me one of the most emotional and moving songs I've ever performed for an audience, "Molasses to Rum."

The worst part of doing this show was that they insisted I shave off all my facial hair. I do not look good with a bare face.





Molasses to Rum