Comtra Theatre

Children of Eden

directed by Robert Hockenberry

April 2010

Role - Noah

This was my first show at Comtra Theatre. I had never heard of Children of Eden before we did this and I actually auditioned for Jesus Christ Superstar. Unfortunately, the rights were pulled because of a touring company and we ended up doing this one instead.

I spent the first act in the chorus, wearing a terribly tight and uncomfortable tank top. But the second act, I got to be Noah. I liked this role. He's a father torn between his obedience to his God and his love for his family. My featured song was "The Hardest Part of Love" which I still sing in the shower from time to time.

Hardest Part of Love


Comtra Theatre

Rocky Horror Show

directed by Robert Hockenberry

October 2010

Roles - Eddie and Dr. Scott


I'm not a big fan of playing Eddie. He comes on, sings a ridiculous song (Hot Patootie) and then dies. It was five minutes of swing dancing hell considering I had the flu during the run of the show. I remember running off stage and out onto the balcony so I could cough up a lung without the audience hearing.

Dr. Scott, on the other hand, was a lot of fun to play. He's the sort of over the top character I can really get into.

For these dual roles, I completely shaved all my facial hair. Eddie was a young greaser so I didn't think he'd have any facial hair. For Dr. Scott, I glued on a fake mustache.

I really do believe that most of the audience had no idea I played both parts.

Comtra Theatre

Sweet Charity

directed by Robert Hockenberry

July 2010

Role - Herman

hermanI took this role as a favor to the director. He was having a hard time getting guys interested in this show. We were going to do RENT, but the theatre owner vetoed that so auditions were awkward when he had to tell everyone we were doing Sweet Charity instead.

Not on my list of favorite roles but he was a fun to play in a way. He's brash, loud and heartless, or so he wants everyone to think. He reminds me of Louie from Taxi. His only song is "I Love to Cry at Weddings," a song I came to despise because our performance track was awful and we always sounded off key at the end despite our best efforts.