Comtra Theatre

Three Murders and It's Only Monday

directed by Craig M.

March 2011

Role - Harry Monday

Harry Monday may be my favorite non-musical role to date. He's the farcical version of Mike Hammer. I developed this ridiculous talking cadence to make him more Film Noir.

There are apparently several "Monday" plays and I'm looking for a director to take one on so I can reprise the role. It was that fun.

Known World Players - Pennsic 40

William Shakespeare's Henry V

directed by Baron Lorcan Draconis

July 2011

Roles - Eli, French King, Captain Jamy and Grandpre

This was my first show with the Known World Players and my first time doing Shakespeare. Because the play has a lot of characters, we all played multiple roles. I tried my best to be in a different costume for each role and pulled out my best Scottish accent for Jamy.

The French King was my favorite part. I didn't do him with an accent. That was the director's choice but it was probably for the best since I always end up sounding French Canadian.

Comtra Theatre

A Christmas Carol

directed by Robert Hockenberry

December 2011

Role - Bob Cratchit

A bit of stretch, I know, a 300lb man playing Scrooge's meek secretary but I somehow pulled it off. Not the most memorable role I've done but certainly different.

Comtra Theatre

Jesus Christ Superstar

directed by Robert Hockenberry

April 2011

Role - Judas Iscariot

JCS is my all time favorite musical and getting to play Judas has been, to this point, the highlight of my theatrical experiences. The music is wonderful and the emotions run very raw. We had a small but wonderful cast. We joked that it was Jesus and his five apostles and their wives.

I tried to play Judas as sympathetic and misguided as possible. I saw in him someone who thought he was doing what was best for everyone only to discover that he was catalyst for tragedy and great pain. I had to come down from an emotional high every night after doing the show and I absolutely could not watch the crucifixion scene.

The highlight of the run was the night I received applause for my death scene. It was very satisfying to know I had moved the audience.


Heaven On Their Minds

This is one of my favorite songs in all of music theatre and I am so glad I got to perform it.


Red Barn Theatre

Anything Goes

directed by Tom Tillia

September 2011

Role - Elisha J. Whitney

Not my favorite role. He's mostly comic relief in a comedy show which really makes him superfluous. I got one "solo" line in the finale song and it was cut which also made me sad.

And, yet again, I got to be drunk on the Red Barn Stage.