R-ACT Theatre Productions

Annual Holiday Radio Show

Three Men and A Child Is Born

directed by Leanne Condron

December 2014

Roles - Gascoigne, Gaspar, A King and Dismas the Thief

radioshowThis was my first show with R-ACT, a small theatre company in Rochester, PA, and it was all voice work. We performed two traditional radio shows in front of a live audience at Merrick Free Art Gallery in New Brighton, PA.

I got to stretch my voice acting chops with several different voices, a French soldier on leave, a Greek wise man, and a young thief.


Here's the audio from the shows trimmed of commericals.

Three Men

A Child Is Born

Hobnob Theatre Co.

A Midsummer's Night Dream

directed by Phil Ball

August 2014

Role - Nick Bottom

bottomA return to Shakespeare for me for this, ultimately, very silly role as the overly confident and not too bright weaver-turned-actor, Nick Bottom. I had a lot of fun with this show from the very silly looking donkey ears my wife made to the incredibly over the top performance of the play within the play, Pyramus and Thisby.

This was true Shakespeare in the park as we performed this comedy at Preston Park in Butler in promenade, meaning the audience followed the actors around the park to see the whole show. A bit challenging in that we didn't have a backstage or wings and sometimes, the audience and other cast members were several hundred yards away while you were "offstage."