HarringtonPittsburgh New Works Festival

Deck Chairs by Bill Arnold

directed by Nick Mitchell
produced by Cup a Jo Productions

September 2016

Role - Mr. Harrington

This was my first experience with the Pittsburgh New Works Festival, an experience I hope to repeat. I auditioned more out of a desire to get involved so I could understand the theatre business in Pittsburgh better and maybe make a few contacts along the way. Overall, a very positive experience and I got to meet the author.

This was a 20 minute play about a sinking ship, stiff proper Englishmen and deck chairs. What more does a comedy need? We had four rehearsals, one of which was marred by the Police Raid unfolding on the same city block.

R-ACT Theatre Productions

Death and Doubloons by Larry Spinenwebber

directed by Conrad Bianco

August 2016

Role - First Mate McTeague

McTeagueWell, as everyone who know me knows, this was the role I was born to play - a gruff, nasty pirate. I had a load of fun with the role. McTeague is a rogue who wants only one thing, and that's to be Captain of his own ship. The question is, would he go so far as to murder his own Captain and take her ship? Since this is a murder mystery, I'll leave it at that.

In addition to playing McTeague, I also provided all the weapons used on stage (swords and guns) and acted as the fight choreographer. What I learned is that my elbows are getting too old for sword fighting.

Driftwood Dramatics

Imaginary Exits by Eric J. McAnallen

directed by Eric J. McAnallen

May 2016

Role - Figment 1

The acting for me in this show wasn't challenging since I was playing a part of my own psyche, that and I gave myself the smallest role.

What was so challenging for me was that I also directed this show. I'm a big believer that the director needs to be at a distance and directing and not right in the mix of things and acting. I know a couple of scenes I was in could have worked better if another actor had been in my place and I could have done my directing. Still, when you're short one body, you make due.

It was absolutely wonderful to see a creation of my own mind take form on the stage. My one regret was that I couldn't be in the audience to experience their joy at discovering my inner oddness.

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